Our Story


Our story begins with our company owner's first home purchase: 

"When I purchased my first home, I was excited like every other first-time home buyer. However, no one prepared me for what the home inspection would be like. Because I really didn't know what to expect, the next thing I knew the inspector was finding one problem after another. My emotions turned from excitement to horror as I began to realize how many issues this house had. I was on the verge of walking away from the home...

Thankfully, the realtor encouraged me to take some time after I got the inspection report to make sure I wasn't making an emotional decision. I'm glad I did, because in hindsight, I would have really regretted not purchasing my first home. At the same time, I'm also glad that my home inspector pointed out all of the things in my home that needed some attention.

Later on, I became a licensed home inspector and an active real estate investor, specifically in single family homes. I also inspect small to large scale commercial buildings. Last year, I inspected churches, offices, a 3 story historical building, condos, industrial. Click here to go to our company's commercial inspection website.

Looking back on my first home purchase, I realized that the problem was not with the inspector (he did a great job) or with the house, but with my EXPECTATIONS. No one took the time to prepare me for what to expect and as a result I had unrealistic and naive expectations that my home would be close to perfect. I was simply overwhelmed and nearly walked away from purchasing because I was not prepared for the inspection. 

Because of my first experience, my goal, as an inspector, is to prepare my home buyers for their inspection experience BEFORE they arrive at the inspection with a short proprietary non-technical educational system I have developed that gives them a heads up on what to expect their home inspection to be like based on a variety of factors such as the home's age. To my knowledge, there is no one else out there intentionally educating and preparing buyers for their home inspection, which is one of the many things that sets Three Rivers Home Inspections LLC apart." 

Our job starts before the inspection, through the inspection, and doesn't end until all of your questions are answered post-inspection. 

Inspector Andy Inspecting a Fireplace

Inspector Andy Inspecting a Fireplace

About Us

Home Inspector

Knowledgeable Home Inspection Experts

All of our home inspectors are licensed to practice in Indiana. We are members of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspections). All of our inspectors are graduates from a home inspection school and annually participate in continuing educational classes and seminars.  

ASHI American Society of Home Inspectors

We Notice the Little Things

 We take our time during the inspection process to notice the little things. Attention to detail is our primary concern.   


Our Motto

"We inspect every home as if it were our home."  This is our guiding model and principle as we undergo each and every inspection.