Our Full Home Inspections Include:


We walk every roof that can be safely climbed. 

Heating & AC

We test every furnace and AC unit to make sure that your home's heating and AC are running well. 


We open up the breaker boxes and look for unsafe electrical connections.


We evaluate every structure for structural integrity.


We are not afraid to get dirty or climb into tight crawlspaces.


Every fixture, shower, facet, & toilet gets operated.

Our ENVIRONMENTAL Inspections:


Indiana is in a HIGH RADON ZONE. As many as 50% of the homes in Northern Indiana

test over the EPA’s action limit for radon while the national average is only 7%.

Breathing high levels of radon gas is the same as smoking and can cause lung cancer.

You only know what your radon levels are if you test. Testing is inexpensive and best to

do during the real estate transaction because often the remedy can be negotiated as

part of the closing.


If you are sensitive to asthma and allergies you may want to consider testing the air for

mold spores. Air testing can tell us if there is an elevated level of invisible spores floating

around which can irritate those who suffer from asthma and/or allergies. You also

would run an air test if there is a musty smell in the house. The other kind of testing is

surface testing which is a yes or no test for active mold growth. Surface testing is usually

done when you want to confirm what you see visually is indeed mold.

Well Water Testing

(WELL WATER) Well water should be tested every year. More than 19 million

Americans get sick every year from contaminated water. Bacteria testing is not enough.

Most contaminants are easily fixed but you won’t know unless you test. Common

drinking water contaminants include bacteria, nitrates, arsenic and lead. The real estate

transaction is great time to test because often the remedy can be negotiated as part of

the closing. A simple reverse osmosis system at the kitchen sink will do.

City Water Inspections

Just because the house is on city water doesn’t mean it’s safe to drink.

While municipalities do bring clean water into the home, the pipes, soder, and fixtures

may contain high levels of lead. The EPA recommends testing all homes on city water for

lead if the home was built before 1986. Lead testing is inexpensive and does not need a

special bottle for testing. The real estate transaction is a great time to test because

often the remedy can be negotiated as part of the closing. A simple reverse osmosis

system at the kitchen sink will do.


Did you know Indiana is #1 in the production of the illegal drug methamphetamine?

According to Indiana State Police, 1 in 10 vacant homes has some level of meth residue.

Meth residue left behind by users just smoking it twice can contaminate a home and

make you sick. State Police tell us that meth has been found in homes of all price

points, even million dollar houses. Make sure you know the home you are buying is safe

by testing for meth residue.

Lead Paint

In 1978, lead paint was banned. Homes before 1978 commonly have lead based paint. We can test any home for lead paint.

Commercial inspections


We Offer Commercial Inspections

Three Rivers Commercial Inspections LLC, a division of Three Rivers Home Inspections LLC, can inspect any commercial building that you are purchasing. 

Click here to go to Three Rivers Commercial Inspections LLC's Website. 

Types of Commercial Buildings we have inspected:

Churches, offices, historic buildings, warehouses, medical, condos, industrial. Anything from a small 1300 sq ft condo to a 3 story 18,000 + sq ft historical building. Call us for all of your commercial inspection needs.  to 25,000 sq ft office buildings.

Our Home Inspection Brochure

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